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For as much as our musical experiences converge, this one is an outlier on my timeline. I mostly missed the entire Death Cab experience. I never listened to the Postal Service album back in the day, and I know I never listened to this album when it came out either. I had absolutely no opinion of Death Cab. They were a band that existed. I was aware they existed, and that was it.

And it wasn't Plans that got me into them, either. Them moving to a major label did nothing to get them more on my radar. No, for me, it was Narrow Stairs. I don't remember why for sure, but I suspect it because it was the late 2000s when I started listening to a lot of the Sound Opinions and All Songs Considered podcasts. I'm not sure which podcast suggested it to me, but I know one of them played I Will Possess Your Heart and BAM....that's what did it for me. I fell in love with that song, I listened to Narrow Stairs a lot, and I eventually made my way to Plans and then...finally...Transatlanticism.

This is such a powerhouse of an album. I especially appreciate your point on the drummer serving these songs. That is so spot on. As always, great write up! This one was probably one of my favorites yet.

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I'm so glad I found this blog and I'm going through all the entries. Death Cab, Tool, Incubus, Hop Along, Typhoon, Thursday, Smashing Pumpkins, Manchester Orchestra, etc. are all on my list of favorite bands and I love reading the personal takes on where you were when this music hit you. I'm in the same generation and it's a great read.

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