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Nov 12, 2021Liked by Craig Lyndall

Good lord, Craig. It's so freaking dumb how similar we are. I went through the EXACT same process with Foo Fighters. I couldn't stand them when that first album came out. I thought they were a joke band and it honestly kind of pissed me off that this was what was being born out of Kurt's legacy. I know that's silly now. But it's how I felt at the time. And also, I LOVED that Flys song!

The only difference is I came to Colour and the Shape earlier and more on my own. My high school band wanted to cover Monkey Wrench. I had heard it on the radio and didn't hate it. I thought it was significantly better than previous things I had heard from Foo Fighters. The guitarist in our band loved Foo Fighters from the beginning, and he knew how I felt about them. But he assured me not only would I like this song, but that there were quite a few songs on the new album that he thought I would like. So I borrowed his CD so I could learn the bass part to Monkey Wrench (which was harder than I expected...it wasn't hard, hard....but I expected it to be really basic but Nate often throws in weird little timing wrinkles that I don't expect).

After nailing the bass line to my satisfaction, I decided to let the album play and see what it was all about. I fell in love on first listen. The sequence of Hey, Johnny Park -> My Poor Brain -> Wind Up just blew me away. I was already in on this album. That was before Enough Space -> February Stars -> Everlong -> Walking After You -> New Way Home, which to this day is one of my absolute favorite stretches of any album ever.

To this day I would consider myself a Foo Fighters fan. I've listened to all of their albums. I liked most of them, loved a couple of them. I've seen them live. I generally follow what's going on with them. I'm a fan. But honestly, there's a part of me that is just forever chasing the dragon with them. I feel like they've never really accomplished an album like Colour and the Shape again. And that's ok. They have had an amazing career and are one of the greatest rock bands of all time. But that will always be what's so special to me about Colour. There's just never been an album quite like it.

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