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Two things:

1} Craig really IS a spectacular trip planner. First class (literally - thanks for the upgrade!)

2) The bucket list IS getting small. Pearl Jam in Seattle! LET'S DO IT

Also for all the 'everything better in NYC' types...accoustics in MSG really are world class. For an arena show could hear every single word and every instrument no matter how loud.

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I would love to know why Pearl Jam hasn’t played Cleveland in so long. It definitely has affected my interest in the last few albums as seeing them live always got me listening more to their latest release.

I’ve made a pact to see a show this year with my best friend from high school who has been my #1 concert partner. It’s been more difficult since he’s lived out of state for quite some time, but he makes it to Ohio every so often. We had such a great time at Rage and NIN last year that I’m going to make the effort to travel to see whichever of our mutual favorite bands is out on the road this year.

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I think it originally started with the Ticketmaster stuff and the local promoter lineup, but I'm not sure. I should probably make a few calls and ask around.

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