Aug 11, 2023Liked by Craig Lyndall

My girlfriend (now wife) bought this album thinking it was the band who sang "Pure Morning" (Placebo). "Pardon Me" was just getting radio play, so I told her to keep it and we both ended up enjoying it.

I just saw them close BuzzardFest and I forgot how good they were, especially live since I had not seen them since 2001. They have so many great tunes since this album (Anna Molly, Agoraphobia, Meglomaniac), but this is still my favorite album of theirs front to back.

And I was at Buzzardfest to see my favorite band Filter primarily, but Bush, Live, and Incubus all killed it.

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I saw Bush on a lark this year too. They were surprisingly good. Their newer music is kind of heavier than their older stuff. Cool show.

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Aug 10, 2023Liked by Craig Lyndall

This wasn't the Incubus album I expected you to write about, but I do agree with everything you said about the importance of it to the band and their legacy. We couldn't get Morning View and Crow without Make Yourself coming first. I literally never listen to this album anymore, but I was listening to it as I read your post and so many memories came flooding back. This was such an important album and holds its own place in time and relevance.

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