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Offspring made two really excellent albums (Smash and Ixnay), then a handful of really awful albums. They rebounded a bit with Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace, and that's about it. I would agree with you that are most certainly not a top-5 90s band. But I saw them on Warped many years ago and they were excellent live.

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I've come to look at rock festivals and 90's bands as time travel portals of sorts. Some bands have aged better (RAGE!) and some have aged worse (STP!). And some make me feel old...and then sad. This years InningsFest had a whole lot more of the former vs. the latter.

"I don’t hate The Offspring!!!" <-- said about 50000 surprised and raucous people at InningsFest singing along to more songs than they remembered during a normally pretty sleepy 4:15pm timeslot.

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