The OCHL slander! In all seriousness, though, OCHL is my favorite Deafheaven album. Sure, I do think it would flow better if you swapped Glint and Worthless Animal (I always believed Glint felt like an album closer), and Ordinary People is just a transition piece anyway. But if we were going by Spotify listens, you would think only the first three tracks of Sunbather are good.

I liked the comments about Infinite Granite, though. I probably don't like this album quite as much as you. I think Roads to Judah is the only Deafheaven album that I prefer Infinite Granite over. BUT, you have to remember the sliding scale. I still absolutely adore this album. It's probably going to end up being my second-favorite album of the year. I just don't agree that this is a progression over OCHL. There were definite hints in OCHL that this was where they were going next (Near could practically be moved straight from OCHL to IG and it would still work, and Glint wouldn't feel too much like a stranger on IG either), but I think OCHL is more musically interesting than IG. And I guess that's where this album is funny for me. Everyone is focusing on the vocals, but the vocals aren't my issue with the album. Yes, I prefer George's screaming to his singing, sure. But I think he did well with what he was trying to do with his vocals on this album. For me, the reason I'm not sure IG will be an album I'm still listening to five years from now is the guitars. With Shiv leaning more into synths, there's less interplay between the guitars, and I frankly think Kerry's playing is a little more basic and stripped down on this album. They went for tone and feel, and they pulled that off spectacularly. I'm glad they made this album. I think it's incredible, and it cements them as truly one of the most elite bands on the planet.

Anyway, another great write-up, I really enjoyed it, Craig!

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It's possible I'm a prisoner of the moment, but the more I listen to IG, the more it feels like maybe the most cohesive album of their career. We will have to see how it ages. OCHL was one of my favorite albums of that year. I still think the high points are really high. In hindsight, it feels like an awkward album construction to me now. Still love it though.

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