Oct 8, 2021Liked by Craig Lyndall

"Turns out it was Paul Westerberg who helped them write that one, but I didn’t know Westerberg just yet. That would come much later thanks to the Singles soundtrack."

Haha, I wonder how many people our age went through the natural progression of buying the Singles Soundtrack for Pearl Jam -> discovering the Paul Westerberg songs -> falling in love with the Westerberg songs -> figuring out that Westerberg was in the Replacements -> buying all of the Replacements albums and listening to them a ton. That's how it went for me, anyway.

As for my first real concert, it was Candlebox at the Toledo Zoo Amphitheater. I don't remember if there was a GA pit up front, but we were sitting in seats regardless, so there was no moshing to be done. But I still absolutely loved the experience and to this day I have more of a soft spot in my heart for Candlebox than most because of it. You never forget your first.

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