Thanks again, Craig, for allowing me this space to discuss this album and what it means to me. It's special when an album comes along that sort of feels bigger than just another "oh, this was my favorite album of the year" kind of thing. I enjoyed being allowed to spend some time and at least try to spread out some thoughts and feelings on this incredible piece of music.

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Jan 28, 2022Liked by Craig Lyndall

Wow, didn't expect this review to be on here but thankful it is, for it conveys every feeling I've had about this record. I heard about Turnstile around 2014/2015, through Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory. Brendan Yates did a vocal feature on a NFG track "On My Own". I was like..."what is this? I like this". And he described Turnstile's vocals in interviews as "sort of a heavier 311"....which was hilarious to me (comparison not so accurate, but I get it). So I checked it out and well "Turnstile is not for me", my thoughts at the time. I'm not much of a hardcore music fan, though the visuals of the energy and stage diving is undeniable to watch. Organized chaos. But I do LOVE elements of what Turnstile does. Riffs and groove, always. However, even though I loved some tracks on earlier albums like 7, Gravity, Generator and Real Thing....I never really liked the full albums. I always wondered what this band would sound like in a more melodic sense over the course of a full record. THIS IS THE ALBUM. They pulled every influence and it all works.

Lastly, "Turnstile is not for me" now seems to only relate to the live show in the fact that I can't put that type of energy and chaos into enjoying a show in/around the pit/stage I'm 43. I grew up with Craig (We played soccer together in HS). But the nostalgia of my youth of being to attend shows where the pit is going off or everyone jumping up and down is still fresh to me. Turnstile fans, hardcore fans, etc....barely anyone every has a phone out, recording and watching through their screens. People are getting lost in the music and really connecting with the band. I F#&*ING LOVE THAT.

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