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Dirt is probably my favorite album, Chains my favorite band and Would? my favorite song, so this one hits home. I was into mainly hip-hop for most of high school, and didn't get into them until my senior year. I had heard all of the radio songs, but hearing a friend's copy with "Damn That River" convinced me to finally get the album, used at the Record Exchange. As I got into the album, each week another song would be my favorite until I had them all memorized. I've been a die-hard Alice, Jerry, and Layne fan ever since. I eventually wore out that first copy of Dirt and had to get another one.

Layne's death never ruined them for me. In fact, whenever I'm feeling down, Dirt is my go-to album, though I can listen to it anytime.

I agree with Brian M. that my appreciation for Jerry has only grown over the years. While you could never replace Layne, I really like everything they've done with William.

I highly recommend checking out the "Rain When I Die" cover by City and Colour from the MoPOP Founders Award ceremony in 2020. There were a bunch of great performances, but this was my favorite. Makes me wish Alice performed it on Unplugged.


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It's an insanely cool cover.

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Really enjoyed this one, thanks for doing it. My AIC journey is similar. There was a period of time after Layne’s death that I listened to it a lot less bc it felt really sad to hear the struggles Layne was openly sharing (and knowing the outcome). Now as I’ve started to play the guitar, and my appreciation of Jerry has grown so much, I’m able to listen and just enjoy the sheer awesomeness and experience the nostalgia. Thanks again!

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