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Oct 29, 2021Liked by Craig Lyndall

This post is so well-written that it almost made me think I'm wrong about Coldplay being absolutely terrible!

But on a serious note, I despised "Yellow" from the moment I heard it. I truly, deeply, madly HATED it. I couldn't stand it, I thought the video was an affront to everything I believed in musically. I hate this band with every inch of my soul. And it's not because it's cool to hate them. It wasn't cool to hate them when "Yellow" came out. Everyone loved that song. (as an aside, I remember hating the band Yellowcard when they got big, and a part of me always wondered if part of me was swayed by hating the song "Yellow" so much)

So, sure, I remember jumping out of my seat with joy when they made the Coldplay joke in 40 yo Virgin. I've been a lifelong apostle of the "Coldplay Sucks" movement. But here's the thing. A Rush of Blood to the Head? Other than the cringe album name, it's actually kind of good. "Politik" is a freaking good song. "God Put A Smile on Your Face" is a GREAT song. Even "Clocks" wasn't too bad despite how overplayed it was. I've despised everything this band has done before and after this album (with the exception of "Fix You", which is not only a really good song, but is used in one of my all time favorite television sequences in an episode of The Newsroom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ECgjvStB5U. Seriously.....just so good. The perfect use of music in TV). But even I, the most staunch of anti-Coldplay people, can admit that this album is pretty good.

I appreciate this writeup a lot. It's easy to read about the music I love, but it's fun to see the perspective on something that I don't care about as much. I think that's what is so great about music. Everything impacts us differently, and so much of what we love also depends on time and place.

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