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Craig Lyndall

Welcome to The Album of Record. I'm Craig Lyndall, a 45-year-old guy from Cleveland who's crazy about the music of the 90s – the stuff I grew up with. I share my stories and thoughts about the bands and songs that still mean a lot to me on this site.

I went to Boston University, lived through high school in Northeast Ohio, and now I'm back here, doing the dad thing. My essays mix these personal experiences with a deep dive into the music I love. Think of it as a chat with an old friend about the tunes that shaped our youth.

Music's been a huge part of my life – from listening to cassettes in my teens to streaming tracks on my phone. Here, I'm keeping the spirit of the 90s alive, whether you were there like I was or simply curious about what it was all about.

So, whether you're here to relive those 90s vibes or to discover what the fuss was all about, I'm glad you're here. Let's take this journey together and keep the beat going.

Craig Lyndall

Andrew Schnitkey

My name is Andrew Schnitkey and I’m a cohost of The Album of Record Podcast. Born in 1979 and hailing from the small town of Napoleon, Ohio, I’ve journeyed from my roots to the vibrant city of Columbus, where I currently weave my creativity as a web developer for a commercial real estate company. A Buckeye at heart, my time at The Ohio State University not only shaped my professional path but also deepened my lifelong affair with music.

Growing up in the era of the 90s, my musical tastes were sculpted amidst the gritty sounds of grunge, the rebellious energy of punk, the heavy riffs of metal, and the diverse expressions of alternative and rock music. Music has always been more than just background noise to me—it’s a passion, a companion, and a world I continually explore with fervor.

Now, through this podcast, I aim to bridge the gap between my own musical nostalgia and the eclectic tastes of others. It’s not just about sharing my love for music but creating a space where we can discover, discuss, and delve into what makes music so impactful across different lives and cultures. My goal through this podcast is to uncover new sounds, revisit old classics, and celebrate the universal language of music.

Andrew Schnitkey

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